Apple iPhone 4 Black Smartphone 32GB

Below is my review of the 16GB model I bought in September. Apple iPhone 4 The two models are identical with the sole exception of the additional 16G of storage. The performance is completely unaffected by this Please note that this is strictly my opinion of the phone itself, I have no knowledge of the seller or the condition of the phones they sell. I had the 8GB 3G model and thought it was great, until I found a demo of the iPhone 4. Man, this version is light years ahead of the original model. 

With a 1Ghz CPU, and 16GB flash memory, this thing is a portable office / entertainment center par excellence. Apple iPhone 4 I've had this phone for 3 months without a single problem, the screen is nice and sharp, the apps load very quickly, and I have over 130 apps on just about any task you could think of with absolute not affect performance. And on the ATT 3G network, I averaged download speeds of around 1.8Mbps and upload speeds over 1M .... and how do I know, because I got an app that tells me how. BTW, the screen is the equivalent of a 960x640 on your desktop (double the 3G model), so what you see is essentially a high resolution output and super fast page loads. And memory resident, after a full day use I just checked and had 120 MB of RAM available. The 3G model number was usually around 4Mb down at the end of the day and had to be renewed.

I was in the computer / design / manufacturing company for 20 years, and this is by far the most amazing piece of technology I've ever seen or thought. Even the battery life is 3 times better than the previous model, and that's a good cause are integrated, but a full charge and should yield the whole day's work calls, emails, web browsing, SMS messages, and play. I do not have my laptop because there is nothing I cannot do with the iPhone, and that includes sending faxes, editing Excel or Word documents, and even print. A flash of the 5MP camera, an HD video camera, and even real-time video conferencing over a wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and that unlike the 3G model is in fact compatible with everything you throw, including Garmin GPS. just great. This thing even has two microphones with noise cancellation, so calls are clearer on the other. Man, Apple hit this one out of the park.

BTW, with all apps, music and videos I have loaded on this thing I still have 10 GB of flash memory are. Apple iPhone 4 I can not imagine why anyone would need more storage, and the 32GB model is no faster and no longer functions. You need iTunes on your desktop to get the most out of this phone to get and iTunes can be a bit intimidating at first but it's worth, and all the instruction you need is available on the web or YouTube for transferring photos, videos, music, apps, etc.
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