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Apple iPhone 4S  - I have the overnight charging. In the morning, it shows 100% battery. I left it at home. So it was on standby for about 24 hours before I returned the next morning. It has 20% left. I have tested it on another 3-year-old BlackBerry Storm2. The 80% left the next morning.

Today I used my Apple iPhone 4 or Apple iPhone 4S to take some street. A recorded file is ~ 439MB. It ran out of disk space. So I pulled the BlackBerry to take more. Returning home, I copied some video files on the BlackBerry with a ~ 450 MB to my Freeagent external backup hard disk USB2.0. It went well. Then I copied several video files from the Apple iPhone 4S. It hung on the 439MB file for ~ 2 minutes. It gave no warning. That is, the USB hard drive, it shows 0 KB. Then I carefully inspected all the video files of equal size. There are 6 files to 0 KB in the destination USB hard drive.

In my personal history of copy and paste, copy the first time a system and set the size to zero if the iPhone did. This never happens, even when dealing with disk files. The USB hard drive has about 100GB left.

Using password log-in is not very happy. My password is started with number 9. When I got to number 9, it is often landed on the Cancel button. I had a few trials to work. I have the OK push button a few times to accept the password.

This is my company gave me a phone. I have no plans and the intention to buy anything from Apple Store. But in order to install the app, I have to Apple ID. The problem is that if you do not give Steve Jobs credit card number, it still asks for your billing address. Well, I provided a valid address: my company to tackle. It refused to take ... I will ask my company to give me a free phone that Cisco VPN app installation supports without me to give my credit card number and home address. Apple iPhone 4S Sometimes when you see youtube video clips, older does not release memory, so I power off and restart the whole thing. Generally it is a system that is not doing basic things. Apple iPhone 4S It seems to have sacrificed too much for the nice video features. Memory and hard disk storage odor suber-par in comparison with regular SD card performance.
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